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We take referrals for a wide range of medical & surgical ocular conditions in small animals

Our Ophthalmology service aims to provide a prompt and efficient referral service for a wide range of medical and surgical ocular conditions in small animals.

The presence of on-site specialists in internal medicine, cardiorespiratory medicine,  dermatology, soft tissue surgery, neurology and diagnostic imaging gives the benefit of a comprehensive approach to most conditions involving the eye.

Meet The Ophthalmology Team

Sue Manning is a BVAS/KC/ISDS Eye panellist and owners wishing to arrange an eye test under the scheme may contact us directly to arrange this.

Ophthalmology Services

Complete ophthalmic examinations, using:

  • Slit lamp
  • Direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy
  • Tonometry
  • Gonioscopy
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Ocular ultrasonography
  • CT, MRI
  • Electroretinography

Extraocular surgical procedures, including:

  • Cryosurgery
  • Parotid duct transposition
  • Lacrimal punctal surgery
  • Third eyelid surgery
  • Nictitans gland replacement (“cherry eye”)
  • Scroll cartilage correction
  • Blepharoplastic / eyelid reconstructive surgery
  • Corneal surgery (for perforations, lacerations, foreign bodies, sequestra and corneal ulcers) using a variety of grafting techniques as indicated

Intraocular surgical procedures, including:

  • Intracapsular lens extraction or phaco-lentectomy for lens luxation
  • Cataract surgery by phacoemulsification with intraocular lens replacement
  • Adjunctive automated vitrectomy and intraocular cautery if needed
Cataract Surgery Info Sheet

Ophthalmology Referrals & Advice Service

An ophthalmology advice service is available to referring vets. Please email or telephone 01332 548911 to speak to Sue, Pedro or Stephanie directly.

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