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Gender Pay Statement


Scarsdale Vets (Derby) Ltd employed 288 colleagues, of which, 33 (11%) were male and 255 (89%) were female at the time of the data collection (April 2019).

The Veterinary Profession as a whole is increasingly female dominated. ScarsdaleVets is no exception to this development with a male to female ratio of almost 1:9 within our organisation. Our highest paid roles sit within the specialist referral team and our lowest paid roles are within client care, retail & resort and ancillary clinical.

The table shows that although we provide equal pay to all colleagues for the job they perform, our highest paid colleagues have a more even gender split than the lower paid roles (though this split is still female biased). This, rather than disparity in role specific pay, creates the gender pay gap differentiation.

ScarsdaleVets is committed, and always has been, to fair and equal pay.

Recruitment & Retention

When recruiting, ScarsdaleVets adopts a policy of the best person for each role, irrespective of gender, sexuality, race or religion. Our recruitment follows a structured process and allows for roles to be advertised widely (sometimes internationally) to ensure we attract the best candidates for the role, as well as promoting internally where appropriate. We engage increasingly with social media in the pursuit of the right people who will enhance our business and we have never (and never will) direct recruitment towards a specific gender. We are committed to developing the talent within our teams and provide extensive opportunities for clinical and non-clinical continuing professional development.

Longevity of service salary disparities are removed from our business by a banding structure (which moves in line with our cost of living increase provision) and we apply the COL or band increase for all colleagues annually to ensure our rate of pay remains level or above the annual CPI for the country whenever possible.

Salary Structures

Our salary structure does not differentiate gender, therefore, as per law, any two employees carrying out the same role will be paid identically. Our differentiators in salary only occur where the colleague has an advanced level of skill in the execution of their role and we have clear bandings that detail this to be transparent.

The business benchmarks all roles in terms of salary. This ensures our rates of pay are competitive in both the local environment and profession specific market places and removes the risk of losing talent to competitors because of money. Our benefits include generous annual leave, birthdays off, employee assistance programme, CPD allowance, wellbeing initiatives and bonus scheme. No bonus’ were paid in this period of review.

ScarsdaleVets has an LLP structure with 12 Partners (11 designated and 1 associate) and a Salaried Partner at the time of the gender analysis being completed. Of the total of 13, 7 are male and 6 female.

Scarsdale Vets Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

  2018 2019
Mean gender pay gap 38% 38%
Median gender pay gap 35% 36%
Mean bonus gender pay gap 62% N/A
Median bonus gender pay gap 54% N/A


Proportion of males and females in each pay quartile:

  2018 2019
Upper Male – 27%
Female – 73%
Male – 25%
Female – 75%
Middle Male – 9%
Female – 91%
Male – 7%
Female – 93%
Lower Middle Male – 8%
Female – 92%
Male – 8.5%
Female – 91.5%
Lower Male – 9%
Female – 91%
Male – 4%
Female – 96%

We will continue to review our pay structure and employee development and progression to close the gaps further in the future.