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Anaesthesia & Analgesia

Pain management for pets

The Anaesthesia and Analgesia team works closely with and provides support for all other disciplines in the hospital. The service is led by specialist anaesthetists with the assistance of our highly trained and experienced nursing team.

We use an extensive range of monitoring equipment and facilities for the delivery of safer anaesthesia.

All anaesthetic stations are equipped with multi-parameter monitors, and patients are closely monitored throughout anaesthesia and into recovery.

Our aim is to make the process of sedation, anaesthesia and recovery as safe as possible. All patients will be assessed and given the best possible anaesthesia and analgesia plan for their particular condition.

Pet owners are usually concerned about the risks of general anaesthesia or worry about the side effects of sedative drugs.

Whatever the procedure may be, leaving their pet at the vets can be very stressful to the owners. This stress can be significant, particularly if their animal is in pain. It is our duty to earn their trust by answering their questions, allaying their fears and providing their pets with the best standard of care veterinary medicine can offer.

Pain management is also an integral part of our daily work; pain scoring systems validated for dogs and cats are used to aid recognition of acute pain and to guide pain management for all our patients.

Meet the Anaesthesia & Analgesia Team

The Anaesthesia and Analgesia service at Pride Veterinary Centre is led by four Anaesthetists, all trained under the guidelines of the European or American Colleges of Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia (ECVAA or ACVAA). Two dedicated Anaesthesia Interns and a team of experienced Nurses support the service under direct supervision. As a team, we offer anaesthesia and sedation tailored to each patient.

Anaesthesia & Analgesia Facilities

Every anaesthesia station at Pride Veterinary Centre is equipped with an anaesthesia machine and a multi-parametric monitor. This includes the MRI and CT suites.

Equipment used daily by the anaesthesia service include:

  • Mechanical ventilators capable of providing PEEP and assisted ventilation
  • Doppler ultrasound devices
  • Syringe and fluid pumps
  • HotDog warming machines.
  • Nerve stimulator-locator (nerve electrolocation locoregional block and neuromuscular blockade monitoring)
  • Multi-parameter monitors at all anaesthesia stations
  • Warming devices at all stations (instead of ‘HotDog’ bullet point)
  • Arterial blood gas analysers
  • Direct blood pressure monitors: arterial, central venous and portal pressures
  • Neuromuscular function monitors (TOF monitoring)

Our facilities and state-of-the-art equipment help us carry out anaesthesia during difficult surgeries and complicated cases in intensive care but our true strength is our amazing team. Good teamwork, forward thinking attitude, and eagerness to learn and improve help drive the team to higher standards.

Please contact us on 01332 548911 for further information.

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