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Hedgehog Care

The Exotics Team at Pride Veterinary Referrals see a wide range of animals. From the smallest mouse to the largest macaw, we treat everything with the same care that we'd treat our own pets. We often see wildlife that come to us because they're too young to be out on their own, have an illness or injury, or even a burden of parasites they can't rid themselves of.

Currently the exotics team are caring for 5 hedgehogs and here are some of the most recent patients:  Banshee and McSniffles both had respiratory problems and were too small to make it through winter on their own. They required a course of nebulisation to clear their respiratory issues and once they were better, they went home with one of our night nurses to continue their growth and development before they can be released back into the wild. 

Quasimodo was suffering from a heavy infection of ringworm which has caused him to lose the majority of his prickles and almost all of his fur. Quasi required medicated baths and oral medication to try to resolve the problem and is now clear of ringworm. He is still quite naked and his skin can get quite dry. Therefore, Quasimodo will be going home with one of our student nurses to continue his care and to stay overwinter to make sure he's large enough and fully recovered in time for spring. 

The number of hedgehogs in the UK is rapidly declining and they are now listed as "Vulnerable" on Britain's red list of mammals. Their decline can be due to habitat loss, fencing/lack of connectivity through hedgerows, road casualties, injury, lack of food and natural predators. We do everything we can to make sure that any wildlife we see are treated where possible and released back into their original area to continue their lives and to contribute to their population.