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Milo recovers from seizures

Milo, a 6-month-old cocker spaniel, had been out for his usual walk. After returning home, he began to experience seizures - he was therefore brought to Pride Veterinary Centre as an emergency and saw Debs, our Senior Veterinary Surgeon.

He was immediately given several medications to help stop this and due to the severity of the seizures, he was placed under a general anaesthetic to help get the seizures under control. Anti-seizure medication was started and Milo was brought round from his anaesthetic and was monitored closely in ICU. He continued anti-seizure medication where he stayed for a further 48 hours of care and was closely monitored.

Debs was really pleased to come back after a day off to have a cuddle with a very bright Milo who has since had no further seizures. Milo was discharged and is now not on any medication for his seizures.

Although there was no known history of Milo having eaten something toxic during his walk, he may well have eaten something which could have caused the seizures.

If you are concerned that your pet may have eaten something that could potentially be harmful, please do call us on 01332 678333.