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Two SUBs for Kolo

Two Subcutaneous Ureteral Bypasses (SUB) for Kolo

At just over two years old, Kolo, a Ragdoll cat, was referred to Pride Veterinary Centre for further investigation after presenting anorexia and lethargy. 

Under the care of our internal medicine specialist Jess Adamany, Kolo was diagnosed with acute kidney injury caused by a bilateral ureteral obstruction due to the presence of small stones blocking her ureters. Ureters are very narrow tubes which carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder. The solution to improving Kolo’s health was to place two Subcutaneous Ureteral Bypasses (SUB) under her skin. Each SUB device involved tubing being placed into the kidney and then into the bladder via a port. It therefore bypasses the obstruction and effectively provided Kolo with a new ureter. Our surgeon specialist Rosario Vallefuoco carried out this delicate surgical procedure.

Kolo recovered from surgery and after few days in ICU where she was monitored constantly, as well as the renal parameters, she was able to go home. 

This was a unique and complex case as it required input from various different departments within Pride Veterinary Centre in order to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Following surgery, Kolo continues to lead a happy and healthy life. She requires regular reassessments ensure her kidneys are working correctly. 

Ureteral obstruction due to stones is more common in cats than dogs. We therefore recommend that any pet with increased kidney markers having undergone blood analysis goes for an ultrasound to assess the kidney for potential obstruction.