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What Is CT Scanning

Our referral hospital offers Computed Tomography which is also known as a CT scan.

What Is A CT Scan?

A CT Scan is an accumulation of many X-Rays taken 360 degrees around the body. It allows for non-invasive cross- section views of organs, tissues and bones.

Why Would My Pet Need A CT Scan?

CT has a broad range of applications in small animal imaging and is particularly useful in the investigation of nasal and orthopaedic disorders, lung disease, vascular imaging, and cancer detection and staging. At Pride Veterinary Centre we have a 16 Slice GE BrightSpeed Elite CT scanner, which gives us a 3D image when a conventional X-ray does not show sufficient information.

Will A CT Hurt My Pet?

A CT scan will not be uncomfortable for your pet. Due to them having to remain extremely still, they will be sedated or put under a general anaesthetic. This is administered by our extremely experienced Anaesthesia team. The Anaesthesia and Analgesia service at Pride Veterinary Centre is led by four Anaesthetists, all trained under the guidelines of the European or American Colleges of Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia (ECVAA or ACVAA).

Who Performs The CT Scan?

A Radiographer will perform the CT scan and after the images have been acquired they are sent to a Radiologist for full interpretation so that they can help diagnose the condition. After a diagnosis has been confirmed, the vet can then decide on the treatment plan the animal will be given.