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Diary Of A Student Vet Nurse

Hello again, I'm going to tell you a bit about what I've been up to the last month training to be a vet nurse at Pride Veterinary Centre.

Firstly, I can't believe that it's now 2019 and I've been working here for over a year! I've really settled in now and am absolutely loving my training.

Exam Success

Recently, I have been spending a large amount of time revising for my paper 301 exam which I completed a couple of weeks ago. It covered Infection control, health and safety and nursing care.

Thankfully I passed meaning I am now officially in my 2nd year of my training. This next year will entail a law and ethics assignment as well as very large exam in July.

Nursing Progress Log

I have also been working really hard on completing my Nursing progress log (NPL). My anaesthesia area has just been opened so I can start monitoring more anaesthetics alongside qualified nurses which is an exciting part of my training that I am keen to learn about. I have also spent some time in our laboratory completing various blood tests such as testing for parvovirus and looking at skin and hair samples under the microscope, this is something a qualified vet nurse has to be able to do. I am now at 34% of completion of my NPL, which I am happy with but I do need to keep working hard.

I have rotated around the various areas of the practice whilst at work including medicine, imaging, wards, surgery, neurology and clinics. This really gives me a range of knowledge and I love the variety.

Overall I am really grateful and enjoying my training however, the hard work and deadlines are starting to increase even more.

Thanks for reading, here are a few of my favourite photos of me in my training from 2019.