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Neurology Case Study

Sam the 8-year-old labrodoodle was brought in to the neurology department as a referral emergency, he was referred due to being very ataxic and weak on LF and LH with neck pain.

The problem began 10am on the 14th August in the morning. Sam began crying suddenly and was taken to his usual vets (at the point he could still walk and jump up). However, his owner noticed that his collar was causing him discomfort around his neck when he pulled on it.

Sam was given Loxixom to ease the pain and returned home. His owner then noticed later on that he was swaying and could not walk properly so, Sam returned to the vets again due to becoming ataxic and weak.

After receiving more pain relief, his conditioned worsened overnight and he was completely off his legs by the time he visited Pride Veterinary Centre.

Referral To Pride Veterinary Centre

When Sam arrived at Pride Veterinary Centre his mental state was alert and responsive and his posture was lateral recumbency. He had moderate neck pain on palpation and lareroflexion and mild on dorsoflextion. The plan was to take pre-GA bloods and MRI of the cervical spine. The MRI report showed C4-C5 hydrated nucleus pulposus extrusion with secondary marked compression of the spinal cord.

Sam's Treatment & Recovery

Surgery performed was C4-C5 ventral slot routine approach and overall surgeons were happy with surgery and decompression.

Two days post-surgery the neurology examination showed Sam was able to support himself with mild support with a harness behind his belly. He showed no pain on his neck and his spinal reflexes and withdrawal in front limbs looked fairly normal.

Sam was discharged 3 days after his initial appointment. He was able to walk unaided showing borderline ambulatory tetraparesis.

A physiotherapy plan was implemented, and hydrotherapy was advised to start after his wound had healed.