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Gold Level Cat Friendly Clinic

We are delighted to announce that we have recently been awarded Gold Level status as a Cat Friendly Clinic by The International Society for Feline Medicine and

The ISFM Cat Friendly Scheme means that accredited clinics have a higher standard of cat care and have demonstrated they have the team and equipment to take the best care of your cats.

Achieving Gold Level Cat Friendly Status

We recognise that taking cats to the vets can be very stressful due to the animal’s unique physical and psychological needs. Our practice is therefore specifically designed to be a cat-friendly environment including ‘cat only’ waiting areas, consulting rooms and wards.


Our cat wards are positioned so each cat is out of sight of the others, as well as having provisions in place for more nervous cats to feel secure such as cat-bags, igloos and other cosy hiding places. The cat ward is sound-proofed to ensure the ward remains quiet and no noises from other species can be heard as well as being individually heat-controlled so each cat’s needs are met.

Prior to admission, owners are asked to submit a questionnaire so staff can maintain consistency with regards to the cat’s normal diet, cat litter preference and grooming preferences along with other relevant behavioural information that staff should be aware of. As well as excellent facilities, specially qualified nurses staff the cat ward 24 hours a day and have full knowledge of each patient’s condition and needs, to provide gold standard care and dedication.

The team have been specifically chosen for their cat-friendly approach and maintain a positive and reassuring attitude at all times.

We recognise that no two cats are the same and that 'bonding time' with each patient must be factored in so each individual cat receives all that they need. The level of care provided reduces the stress for cats and makes visits to the vet easier for cat owners as well.

We are extremely proud of our team and the efforts that they have gone to to make this happen