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Feline Blood Donation

At Pride Veterinary Centre we treat a variety of critically ill felines that either through illness or injury are presented to us with a life-threatening anaemia. Blood transfusions in cats can prove complicated as currently in the United Kingdom there are no databases for the collection and storage of cat blood, requiring a matching donor to be sourced at the time a transfusion is needed, and the blood administered immediately. All cats on our donor register at Pride Veterinary Centre are volunteers that meet the specific requirements needed to be considered a suitable donor candidate.

What Happens When My Cat Donates Blood?

We ensure that all cats coming in to donate blood are in perfect condition as they will undergo a full health check from one of our veterinary surgeons; a blood pressure measurement; and a full blood profile analysis including FIV/FeLV screening and blood type if not done previously. This is to ensure that when our donors undergo a sedation in order to safely collect the blood, their kidneys and liver are functioning as they should be and that their own red blood cell volume is sufficient to be able to donate.

What Happens After My Cat Has Donated Blood?

Following a donation, our donor cats are placed into our cat ward where they are treated to a big fluffy bed, calming cat music and lots of TLC. We place our donors on intravenous fluid therapy to replace the fluid volume they have lost and to ensure that they fully recover from their sedation before being sent home. All donors receive a thank you goody bag filled with treats, toys, a certificate and a £20 voucher redeemable at Scarsdale Vets. If you're interested in learning more about becoming a feline donor, please call Pride Veterinary Centre on 01332 678333 to speak to a medicine nurse

Register Your Cat As A Blood Donor Today

Your cat can be a life-saver too, they just need to be:

  • In good health Under 8 years of age
  • Weigh over 4kg
  • Fully vaccinated
  • Happy to be handled

Call our medicine nursing team on 01332 678333 to register your interest.