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Diary of a Vet Nurse Student

So here it goes. This will be the first blog post of many (for about 3 years in fact) recording the progress of my Student Veterinary Nursing journey, towards the overall goal of becoming a qualified Veterinary Nurse.

About Me

So let me start by introducing myself. I'm Emma and for as long as I can remember I've dreamt of becoming a Veterinary Nurse. I completed 6 weeks work experience at a variety of vets and worked at a vets voluntarily over the summer before beginning my career at Pride Veterinary Centre. I was offered the Student Veterinary Nursing role along with two others in October 2017. It was daunting at first, going from smaller first opinion practices to one of the largest small animal hospitals in Europe! However, after working alongside such inspiring, knowledgeable and very friendly staff I soon settled in.

A Varied Placement At Pride Veterinary Centre

As a student at Pride Veterinary Centre you are given the amazing opportunity to work in the different areas of the practice. So far I've spent time rotating between Wards, Prep/ Theatre, Cardiology, Imaging and Medicine and that's just the first 3 months. In the future I'll be exploring Neurology, Pharmacy and Surgery as part of my placement.

The Best Part Of The Job

My favourite aspect of the job to date has to be nursing the animals, whether that be through tube feeds, physiotherapy, putting cold packs on their wounds, monitoring them whilst they recover or simply just spending time with them and tempting them to eat (which is an essential part in their recovery).

I can't wait until I'm enrolled and registered with the RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) meaning I will then be allowed to place intravenous catheters, give medications and basically do what the Vet Nurses do as long as I'm supervised at all times.

Studying Towards My Qualifications

As part of my placement at Pride I attend Rodbaston College in Staffordshire once a week. In the first year the focus is on anatomy and physiology and I will have to sit a first year exam in August on this.

It’s so interesting to be learning all about what we see in the practice every day. I've attended five times so far and have already covered aspects of the endocrine system, male reproductive system, veterinary terminology, anatomical directions, equine reproduction, equine parturition, the animal cell, mitosis and meiosis and more. It is hard work, but the variety of topics and having a passion to learn about them makes it enjoyable.

I really hope you enjoy reading my monthly updates on this journey to become a Veterinary Nurse. Bye for now and until next month… Emma.