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Diary Of A Vet Nurse Student

Hi there, it’s Emma again here updating you on my Veterinary Nurse Training at Pride.

Exam Success

Big news to start off with, I PASSED my first year exam. The exam covered Anatomy and Physiology and Welfare and Husbandry. I was absolutely shocked and amazed when I got my result as I found it quite difficult and almost convinced myself that I hadn’t passed. However, it appears all my hard-work, commitment, posters, flashcards and quizzes paid off. I’m very thankful for all the support I got from home, college and work.

Second Year & Beyond
So as I passed my exam, this means I am now starting new topics at college when I return in September, these will include; infection control, nursing care, health and safety and much more. I will also be given my first assignment to complete, so I’m very excited to begin this new chapter.

As I’m moving into my 2nd year at college I’ll also be rotating around the other areas of the hospital which I haven’t been working on before. These will consist of imaging, medicine, surgery and neurology. I’m very intrigued as to what cases I’ll be able to get involved in and help out on so that I am able to expand my knowledge further.

Nursing Progress Log

So the only other aspect left to update you on is how I’m progressing on my Nursing Progress Log. I’m on track and both my clinical coach and I are very happy on how it is going. It works by logging a variety of cases you have helped in and then when you have a range of circumstances covered and feel confident carrying out that task independently you can claim for that skill. Your clinical coach then reads what you have put and will assess if they think you are capable or if you need a little bit more practise. I have completed the entire handling and restraint section and am gradually ticking off and claiming other aspects of Year 1 topics. Some of the things I have claimed for include; completing pain-scores, conducting clinical exams and safely handling, restraining and transporting animals.

Thank you for reading, until next time!