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A Varying Case Load

Hi there, it’s Emma here again to update you on what I have been up to for the past month during my vet nurse training at Pride Veterinary Centre.

Rotating Around Various Departments

I have rotated around imaging, clinics and medicine. Whilst on medicine I was able to get involved in a variety of interesting cases.

I was able to help restrain and monitor the animals whilst they had ultrasound scans and investigations. I was also able to place two naso-oesophageal (NO) feeding tubes. These are suitable for short term use and allow the animals to get the necessary nutrition if refusing or unable to eat due to illness. I placed the tube down the nose and measured its length, we then checked its placement down the oesophagus by using an x-ray, the vet also checked this so we were 100% certain it was placed correctly. The animals then get their tube feed and cuddles for 20-30 minutes whilst the food is given.

I was also able to watch, assist and monitor anaesthetics for endoscopes. These can be used to see/ retrieve foreign items as well as take biopsy samples from areas such as the animal’s stomach.

NPL Progress

My NPL progress is at 44% and my goal is 60% by April so it may be tight but with hard work I should be able to achieve it. I would like to get some more practise with my bandaging skills, we start by practising on toys and then are able to do them under the direction of a vet. I am becoming more confident gradually and now feel able to place ear bandages independently.

OSCE Training

Some of the nurses at Pride Veterinary Centre held an OSCE training evening, which I attended. There was a range of stations recreating the tasks that are we will be tested on in our OSCE practical examinations (the final exams in our training). A range of student vet nurses from many different practices attended to gain knowledge and practise in the tasks. It was brilliant and as students we are always grateful for the nurses who spend their own time helping us in our training.

The support we are given at Pride Veterinary Centre during our training is fantastic. Here I am in the photo practising the imaging OSCE of the thorax (chest) on a toy.

Thanks for reading this month’s blog, see you next month.