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A multi-disciplinary case with Beau

A multi-disciplinary case where Beau was showing significant behavioural changes.

Beau, a 7 year old male neutered Shih Tzu, was referred to the Neurology service at Pride Veterinary Centre with behavioural changes. Beau was normally a happy little dog who liked attention, however, over the past 3 months Beau became less interactive. Instead, he would drink more, sleep a lot, stare into space, get stuck in corners, bump into obstacles and became wobbly when walking. He was referred after he had collapsed and was unable to walk.

Beau Blog

Blood examination was suggestive of a liver involvement but the results did not clearly identify a specific disease. At this stage our Internal Medicine team got involved and further diagnostic tests were arranged. Beau had an MRI of the brain to exclude significant brain disease. An abdominal ultrasound found an extrahepatic portosystemic shunt. This is an extra blood vessel where the blood bypasses the liver into the body’s circulatory system. This means the blood cannot effectively filter toxins, resulting in cognitive dysfunction and all the behaviour changes Beau was showing.

Beau’s case was reliant on a multidisciplinary approach. It meant that our Internal Medicine and Neurology services worked in tandem to treat him. Residents Clara Casas Acuna (Internal Medicine) and Charis Tang (Neurology) managed Beau’s case and took the necessary steps to treat him. It was amazing to see Beau's improvement over the course of his stay with us, almost returning back to normal within just a few days!

Both teams are incredibly pleased with Beau’s outcome and wish him the very best!