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Loki's surgical emergency

Loki's recovery from a fracture of the right humerous

Loki, an 8 year-old male Saluki, was referred to our orthopedics department as an emergency after sustaining an accident during his walk. Before the referral, primary care was provided by his referring vet.

Loki was diagnosed with a comminuted open fracture of the right humerus associated with a large skin wound on the lateral aspect of the shoulder.

Surgery of humeral fracture fixation by a External Skeletal Fixator (ESF) was performed by our Surgery Specialist Rosario Vallefuoco.

As the fracture was opened, resorbable calcium sulphate beads impregnated with gentamicin were placed into and around the fracture site for local delivery of antibiotic in order to reduce risk of bone infection.

Loki recovered uneventfully from the surgery and the fracture healed without complication. Thanks to the commitment Ann, Loki’s owner and the help of the referring vet also, the large wound, partially closed and healed uneventfully.

The External Skeletal Fixator (ESF) was progressively destabilized and was completely removed after 15 weeks.

We are incredibly pleased to hear that Loki is enjoying his walks and living his best life.

Loki’s owner, Ann says: ‘Loki has been an important part of my life for 3 years. Unfortunately, on Saturday 3rd October, Loki endured a terrible accident. Minutes after the accident took place, my family and friends were on hand to assist me with providing crucial first aid to Loki. Together, we kept Loki’s wound clean and dressed before we took him to our local vet to be examined. Due to the complexity of the case, Loki was then referred to Pride Veterinary Centre.

‘Although showing signs of slight nervousness at the beginning of his recovery, Loki soon began to regain his confidence as time went on. Throughout his recovery, Loki has shown incredible grit and determination.

‘If it wasn’t for Pride Veterinary Centre, Loki wouldn’t be here. The team have done a fantastic job and they’ve saved my cheeky, mischievous and fun-loving dog. Rosario and the wider team at Pride Veterinary Centre have been brilliant - so helpful and so lovely.

‘I admire Loki’s strength and determination - He has such a strong will and along with the fantastic help from staff at Pride Veterinary Centre, he is back to leading a healthy and enjoyable life.’