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Annette Wessmann

European and RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Neurology

Annette Wessmann - Neurology
Annette Wessmann DrMedVet DipECVN PGCertAcPrac FHEA MRCVS Neurology

Annette graduated in Hanover, Germany in 2000 followed by completion in 2002 of a doctoral thesis in “Hereditary Ataxia in the Jack Russell Terrier”.  Annette moved to the UK shortly afterwards and undertook a residency at the Royal Veterinary College in veterinary neurology and has since been awarded the European Diploma in Veterinary Neurology.

She has since worked as a small animal neurologist at a referral centre, and as a senior lecturer in veterinary neurology at the University of Glasgow Veterinary School. Annette joined the referral team at Pride Veterinary Referrals in March 2013 and is enjoying developing the neurology/neurosurgery service.

Annette regularly presents at the Annual Symposium of the European College of Veterinary Neurology and gave CPD presentations at the Scottish BSAVA.

Annette’s areas of clinical interest are neurosurgery, rehabilitation in small animals following spinal cord injury, and the quality-of-life aspect in epileptic dogs and their owners caring for a dog with epilepsy.

Outside of work, Annette likes travelling, which recently included some volunteering work in Ecuador, visiting friends all over the world. She also enjoys the outdoors, particularly rock climbing and swimming.


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